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Six months later…

How embarrassing. It’s nearly six months since I posted something here.

You will, perhaps, be pleased to see that I’m still alive and if you cast your eyes rightwards towards to the twitter feed, things have indeed been happening. Finding the time to write more than 140 characters has been more of a challenge, and even up to 140 has been a stretch at times.

I do sometimes lack the inspiration to write something interesting, and try not to blog for the sake of blogging, but Taylor said he was getting tired of looking at that stove review, so it’s time for something else.

I’ve found myself doing a bit of bikepacking lately, and there are four trips that have yet to grace these pages. Running beside all that are some little make-you-own-gear (MYOG) projects that I want to share, and of course some pictures. I like pictures.

Maen Madoc

So, anyway, this post is something of a trailer for the tales of high endeavour and excitement to follow soon:

  • braving deep snow with a half-fat Pegasus in November
  • braving minus 10 degrees Celsius in a bivi bag in December
  • braving driving Welsh rain and high winds under a tarp in February
  • making a cool and effective wind shield during the cold, dark evenings
  • helping Beth to launch – UK, nay, Wales-made custom bikepacking equipment
  • braving two days of riding a SS in Wales with Aidan Harding
The most important thing of all though is worthy of a post all of her own, but I’m going to save that one for little bit longer.


    • Think of it as something between a tweet and a blog post – you get an insight into several different topics with the suggestion of high drama and suspense, and I even included a picture 🙂

  • Best of luck with the Wildcat stuff matey, you need to get Twinklydave to borrow one and do a review, shed loads of people read his blog and half the people riding Ragley Bikes might end up wanting one

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