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So, nine months later…

Well, 2009 certainly went past quickly. Can’t quite believe 9 months past since the last entry here, but then a rest is no bad thing from time to time.

I managed to get a few good rides in late spring in the lead up to Mountain Mayhem, and we put in a good performance to finish 11th in the Sport Category. I changed jobs in July, having worked a very arduous and stressful 12 weeks notice. The weeks just drained away from then until the end of the year. I hadn’t really done a lot of riding, other than just occasional local weekend rides.

New Year's Day in the Beacons

At some levels, I feel the slowest I’ve been in the last ten years, but then I think it’s all relative. On a ride over The Gap late last year, I caught a few riders from a club I knew where we used to live. One chap was determined to beat me to the top. He set a quick pace, but I stuck with him without too much trouble. I concluded that I’m so much unfit, as just not race-fit. Which is fine, really. I’m just enjoying riding at the moment, without having to worry about anything else.

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