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Making Up For Lost Time

I stopped to look at the map and survey my immediate surroundings. The total time displayed on my GPS continued to tick. Beside it, the figure showing my moving time had stopped. I was in Cornwall for Round 6 of the Endurance Life Coastal Trailquest series. Usual format, visit as many checkpoints as you can in five hours. Oh, and don’t be late.

It occurred to me, as the difference between my total time and my moving time increased, that I’ll never make those few minutes back, and as a result I will be arrive later at my final destination than I would otherwise have done. Such is the nature of trailquests – a balance of planning and execution.

The same is true for life, of course. It’s too full of distractions, diverting us from doing those things that matter more or preventing us from keeping the important things in focus. When you stop and look up from the path you’re on and survey your surroundings, sometimes you see a different one. Time spent getting to that point wasn’t wasted, it was a necessary part of the journey and along the way lessons where learnt. What has kept us busy for the last three and half months isn’t really important, it’s where we go from here that’s important. [Matthew 16:24-25]

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