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October Wrap Up

Another month slides by gracefully. Not sure where the days have gone just lately, but looking back it’s been surprisingly busy.

A good proportion of my time was spent learning about, studying for or being assessed as part of my British Triathlon Level 1 Coaching Certificate. It was a very enjoyable course with a good crowd of people, from novices such as myself through to elite athletes including Andrea Whitcombe, pictured below, 3rd from right:

ITU Hy-Vee World Cup Triathlon
ITU Hy-Vee World Cup Triathlon

With my increased interest in triathlon and aided by a strong cycling background it will be a useful string to my bow both for teaching myself about the sport, but also sharing and developing that knowledge within our local club: Brecon Multisport.

In other news, there’s a new additional to the bike stable in the pipeline. I managed to convince Beth that if I sold a big pile of surplus bike components that were lying around in the garage, I could use the money to build up a new bike. I’ve gone for something that doesn’t compete too closely with the Soda, and is of a specification that keeps the build cost down to a minimum. More to follow once it’s built up and ridden…

The funniest thing about the month has been the weather. Early on, summer showed it’s face just to remind us what we’d been missing over the months of June through to September. A few cold nights and sharp frosts later, the leaves on the trees have turned and Autumn is in full swing – I’ve probably missed the best of the colours with the camera by now, but I may still get the chance to snap a few good pictures. By the end of October the Beacons have a coating of snow and and it’s time dig out the leg warmers and winter shoes and wrap up for winter once again.

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