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Two Thousand and Eight

Earlier this month Steve organised an excellent Duathlon Challenge on Mynydd Llangorse for the Multisport Club. After a week of rain, and even a bit of snow on the higher ground, it was almost miraculous that the day of the event was almost clear and sunny. Suffice to say the ground was wet, with patchy ice and snow and the right choice of tread was important for both bike and feet. A pair of gnarly NB fell running shoes kindly donated by Ryan and a pair of Bontrager Mud 1.8’s (which hadn’t seen any use since Mountain Mayhem) did the job very nicely in some very soft and slippy mountain conditions. Given that it was my first off-road duathlon, I got round in just under 1:55 for the 1.5 mile run/ 8 mile bike/ 4 mile run, about 8 minutes behind Matt who won. I was quite pleased with that and it was a good start to 2008.

Of course, 2008 actually started in the traditional fashion of a party and lots of alcohol. Our club got together for a T-Party, which means you have to come dressed as something beginning with “T”. After much thought and pondering, I put on a brown pin-stripe suit, a badly tied tie and pair of converse all-stars and armed myself with some psychic paper and a sonic screwdriver to go as a Time Lord. Other T’s included Tank Girl, Thor, a Thespian, Mr T., Tigger, Tinkerbell, with Beth going as a Tooth Fairy.

Looking back, this blog is now 1 year old (and a couple of weeks). Its was quite a year with one thing and another, the high point of which had to be TransScotland. The latter half of 2007 wasn’t quite what I had hoped for, but it’s showed me the way for 2008, and there’s lots of excitement ahead. Watch this space…

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