Polaris, Trails

Not So Hidden Gems

It’s always a joy to discover a new bit of trail in an area you thought you knew. The Real Ale Wobble a couple of weeks ago takes you through a couple of woods I manage, and through a bit of Wales I (should) know like the back of my hand. After a lengthy climb on fire road, and with the rain getting heavier we were looking for short cuts to the first ale stop. A last minute change of heart saw us stick to the planned route across an exposed piece of moor. It looked pretty unexciting at first, and the rain feeling all the more sharp in the wind wasn’t helping. Eventually the sinuous line through the heather brought us to the top of a steep tricky grassy descent before joining a superbly fast and slightly off-camber bridleway. The slippy conditions commanded your attention all the way down. A real gem, hidden in plain view.



Now, if this rain would just ease up a bit, I’ll get myself back out to Abergwesyn and ride all the other trails I thought I knew but haven’t actually ridden…


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