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Fish Out of Water

I went swimming last week for the first time in what must be nearly two years. When I asked the advice of a few friends on swimming, one them said:

There are only 3 things you need to know for swimming.
They are, in no particular order, technique, technique and technique.

Having got quite used to my legs going round and round for hours at a time on a bike, the coordination required to get them to paddle backwards and forwards whilst at the same time moving my arms (rather than clasping a handlebar) required considerable levels of concentration. Suffice to say, at the moment, I’m not much of a swimmer. But there lies the challenge. Beth used to very good at swimming, and now there’s an opportunity for her to teach me how to do something.

The other discipline into which I have dabbled is running. On the face of it, I’m the right build and have a good level of fitness already so how hard can a bit of running be? Well, at the moment quite hard. My running muscles have been a bit underdeveloped in recent years, but with some steady practice I guess I’ll improve, along with the swimming.

One Comment

  • Keep working at it, it’s a very different kinda challenge, and it least it gives your legs a rest

    I look forward to seeing you in the pool, coaching starts this week!

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