Burnt Out

In search of the root of my short-comings at Mayhem, I looked over my training for the earlier part of the year. The base had been good, and I was churning out the highest zone 2 wattage I’d ever managed by the middle of March. The build phase of late March and April produced a good result for the Nightrider 12, and everything seemed fine. Then I got ill. For over 2 weeks I didn’t ride, and then only had a short preparation period for Trans Scotland. Trans Scotland took quite a bit out of me I think. Besides the physical aspect of riding a bike hard for 7 consecutive days, there’s mental fatigue in there too. The result was me going into Mayhem a little more tired than I realised, and I lacked the mental commitment that helped drive me to 3rd place at SITS last year.

After Mayhem I rested a bit. When I got back on the bike I just felt empty, and quickly realised that I wasn’t going to be able to turn things around for Sleepless in the Saddle.


To try and improve on the successes of last season has taken a massive amount of commitment which, sadly, has left me a little broken. So, here endeth two and half years of hard training. While there’s still some summer left, I can retreat to the Welsh Hills with Beth and chill out a bit – something that I’ve not done enough of for a long time.


  • Sorry you wont be at sleepless I was looking forward to another duel (might of beaten you this year!.)

    Neal (4th at SITS)

  • Hi Ian,

    I think we both picked something up at the Nightrider12. I’ve had some similar symptoms, not as extreme as yours, but then you are probably training much harder than me. I’m sure that your form will return soon. All that training hasn’t been wasted. I look forward to seeing you burn the trails up soon!D2D???



  • Ian,
    Sounds like you’ve been taking it all too seriously. Just get yourself fit for the annual Pearce Cycles runners riders on 16th Dec!

    SB 🙂

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