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The Road to Pont Scethin

Winter can be such a fantastic time of year to get out on the bike for an overnight trip, with cool clear air revealing some fantastic views. This video is about a trip I took recently to a place I’ve always wanted to visit, since seeing a photo a couple of years ago: Pont Scethin.

Pont Scethin is a bridge, built some time after 1762, that lies on the old Drover’s Road from London to Harlech. In the 18th century, this was the main route through this part of Wales (long before the existence of the coast road). The old road remains as a walking/ riding track now, and the bridge still stands in this wonderfully isolated position.

The sunrise in the morning was amazing, and it’ll be a trip I will remember for a long time to come.


  • Nice film Ian, Iooks like a great place to wake up. Simon and I rode through here a few years ago on a gorgeous late summer evening on loop ride starting and finishing at the Penrhos Isaf bothy, fantastic place.

  • Hey Ian, great film. Was up over the first part of the Trans Cambrian on Saturday, the conditions were stinking, all those long grassy climbs were just well, long wet muddy unrideable walks and the 30mph sleet headwind into Rhayader was a right treat.

    How realistic do you think a bike like the puffin (or a stripped down fatbike) is for doing some good distance. On the weekend I was thinking it was probably the only type of bike that could have cleaned all of the climbs and the going was terrible. I guess what I’m getting at is isn’t the weight penalty worse than the gain you get from what you can ride? Or is it just a different way of riding, after Saturday I’m kind of thinking I wouldn’t mind a stab at a Trans Cambrian fat bike in one go, just don’t have any idea as to if it would actually be a lot easier than I think it might be compared to say just ramming the whole thing on a regular full suss 29er with some mud tyres?

    I’d value your thoughts on it and how you are getting on with the puffin, long distance is obviously about 2 things, comfort and average speed, if you can maintain those your are laughing, I just wonder at what point you think a fat bike becomes a hindrance OR an asset?

    Kind Regards
    Will Vaughan

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