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Trans Cambrian Way Double (Part 1)

On the descent off Y Grug, I caught up two guys also doing the Trans Cambrian Way. We exchanged a few words, most of which were centered around how fast I appeared to be going and how little gear I had with me. I bid them well and disappeared off down the rest of the descent. After a short climb, and in order to stay completely faithful to the route took the bog trot instead of the nearby stone track before reaching the top of the Foel Fadian descent; a steep technical broken slab of rough rock, exposed, wet and fairly treacherous. I picked my way down it carefully, with only a couple of dabs but content not to have an incident.

I was within 10 miles of Dyfi Junction now, but the terrain was still complex and lumpy, and climbs seemingly unrelenting. Eventually one of the longer climbs finally gave way to a saddle along the ridge, and a picturesque view westwards down the valley to Glaspwll came into view. After rolling along a pleasant but slightly undulating grassy terrace, the track finally turned and plummeted down a into Glaspwll itself. A couple of kilometers of lanes and one more bridleway eventually brought me to the A487, and within a few minutes I was on the platform at Dyfi Junction.


My GPS read 13 hours since I left Knighton, 11 hours 53 minutes of which had been spent riding. I was happy with that. I sat down for some “proper” food which comprised of chicken, nuts, welsh cakes, chocolate, recovery drink. But there wasn’t too long to sit around; it was past 6.30 pm, and I reckoned I had about 2 hours of light before full dark.

Dinner Time

Whilst Dyfi Junction is the end of the ride for most people doing the Trans Cambrian Way, I’d been preparing myself all day for the moment when I turn the bike around and ride back the way I came.

To be continued…

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