A special post for a special little lady.

Sophie was born at the end of March weighing 7lbs 13 ounces, in good health and with a full head of hair. She’s now up to 12 and half pounds, still with lots of hair and big beaming smiles. It’s a real treat to watch tiny babies grow up, and the biggest changes seem to come in the first few months. It’s also good to look back to the day (night) she was born. So tiny.

Sophie - 12 hours old

Three months on and she’s a very content and happy little character. Its amazing that their little facial expressions can convey so much without words. She’s also really active. At birth she could properly hold her head up, and at just over two months she could roll over. Now she’s discovering the joys of standing up with us holding her hands. A real joy to watch.

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