It’s quite a long time since Beth and I went for a ride together. With Henry out for the day with the Grandparents, the weather yesterday was perfect for a run down to Afan Forest Park.

Beth riding the "Dead Sheep Gully" section of Penhydd

The Wall route was closed for felling, so we did Penhydd instead. In many respects, this trail is oft overlooked in favour of the burlier or longer routes up at Glyncorrwg. I rode it last August on the 29er (singlespeed) for the first time in years, literally. It was great fun, and I figured a good way for Beth to ease her way back into some real mountain biking (i.e. not the local canal towpath).

Turns out, Beth didn’t take much easing; instead she delighted in passing about 6 blokes on the way round and made a tidy job of riding the Hidden Valley and Sidewinder descents. Given she’d not been on a MTB properly since November 2008, I thought was good going.

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