Not Bikes, Trails

Two Halves

Sandwiched between Brecon town and the vast wasteland that is Sennybridge Training Area lies a surprisingly expansive piece of countryside that is covered comprehensively by bridleways. In the shadow of the Brecon Beacons this area looks less attractive compared to the better known trails within the Park. But don’t be fooled – there’s good riding to be had here, as I found out on Saturday. One in particular is the bridleway that runs south from Battle to Aberyscir that looks nothing on the map. It turned out to be a gem of a trail.

My tyres slithered over the greasy stones as we made the first few turns of the trail. I tried to preserve the delicate balance of keeping the bike both upright and moving forwards as the trail dived down through the trees and into little narrow gullies where exposed roots and loose rocks tested your skill in the wet conditions. We emerged at the bottom, grinning. The joy of riding new trails was almost enough of a distraction not to notice the weather. Yes, it rained for more or less the whole of the three and half hours we were out, but with the right gear on we were never in a situation of discomfort. It’s funny how some of the best rides I’ve ever done have been in foul weather.

Back in Brecon, the upbeat tones of jazz instruments played out from the pubs around town – the 25th Anniversary Brecon Jazz Festival was here. With the worst of the rain past, we ventured into town to soak up some of the atmosphere, drink beer and eat too many Welsh cakes.


Though there were fewer than previous years, some of the buskers were pretty good – like this guy. The notes that  poured out of the end of his saxaphone were amazing. A nice end to a day of two halves.

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