Winter’s Last Stand

Spring didn’t quite make it to Llanwrtyd Wells this weekend…

While Saturday morning started fine, the rain had begun to fall by the time the last pair, Gary Tompsett and Phil Hodgkiss left Llanwrtyd Wells. The weatherman was right for a change, which was something of a pity as the few days preceding the event were really nice while I was putting checkpoints out. You should have been treated to views like those below

Sugar Loaf

View from Checkpoint 23

Cwm y Rhaiadr (Checkpoint 2)

Instead, the rain got progressively harder and the trail conditions got all the more difficult. A few dropped out, but I was pleased to see so many make it to the overnight camp. The rain continued to fall into the night, before the clouds cleared and the temperature dropped to freezing.


I was relieved to see the second day dawn beneath a predominantly blue sky to reward those who had endured a difficult and cold night under canvas. Apart from the odd hail storm, giving the hint that winter hasn’t quite left us behind, riders were at least able to get a feel for how spectacular this area and the trails that criss-cross it are.


Well done to everyone who made it back in one piece. Maybe see you at another event – either as a competitor or perhaps a planner…


  • A tough but fantastic weekend; a great course with some challenging weather but what a great feeling just to compete and complete. We were not worried about our final score just finishing the weekend was a great feeling!

  • Ian – I was also “lucky” enough to participate in the Spring 2004 Polaris, my last event as it turned out. My mate Alun and I made it to the overnight camp after a prolonged stop in the Bridge Inn, Grinton. I went back up to the Dales for the first time since then last half term (October 2011) and try as I might, I couldn’t locate the site of the overnight. You don’t happen to recall where it was do you?

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