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Finishing Touches

Once again, I’m not quite sure where the last month has gone. My weekly pilgrimages to Llanwrtyd Wells were interrupted by a cough that just about everyone else I knew had already, so it was going to my turn eventually. The cough cleared and I was able to get back out with renewed enthusiasm to liberate yet more bits of trail for the event.


This enthusiasm was driven in part by a new bike: Cotic Soda. Though the transition to this lively hardtail from the Nicolai will take some getting used to. So far, it’s been great fun to ride and I’ve had a pretty wide grin at the bottom of some favourite descents 🙂


The rain finally eased and the sun nearly shone last weekend when Gary Tompsett came over to see how the finishing touches were going towards the event. If you’ve come here via the Polaris Newsletter, you’ll know that everything is in place for what I hope will be an excellent challenge. For me, perhaps for the first time in probably 4 months, I can finally sit back (albeit briefly) until the end of next week. Then all I have to do it put out the checkpoint boxes… See you at the event 😉


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