My Turn

I managed to negociate most of the winter without getting ill. Somehow I steered a course between people with a variety of ailments for the past 6 months without getting so much as a slight sniffle. Until a week last Monday that is. The toll of the Nightrider 12 was evident the very next day with a sore throat, followed later that week with a proper cold. It threatened to turn into a cough by the weekend before changing its mind, but lingered through most of last week. I don’t actually recall suffering with something for that long, and certainly can’t recall not riding my bike for 2 weeks. I was consequently disappointed to miss out on round 2 of the Trek Marathon champs at Sherwood 😦

Still, looking on the bright side I didn’t miss any decent riding weather last week, and I’m now fully rested for a packed week of training that I’m properly rested for.

Roll on TransScotland…

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