Solar Power

The sun appeared as a pale disc through the fog this morning. While the rest of the country was bathed in sunshine (according to the weatherman), it looked like I was going have to wait a little while before I saw any of it. My enthusiasm to get out on the bike was growing faster than the fog was clearing, so at 10.30am, I went out anyway. Trying to dress for a ride that was going to involve freezing fog and most likely brilliant sunshine later on was a bit tricky, but a combination of thick gloves, buff, windproof jacket, neoprene overshoes and ¾ length leggings seemed to work OK, even if it looked a little odd.

Once I’d finally escaped from the valley bottom, leaving behind the bitterly cold fog, I found myself beneath acres of blue sky criss-crossed with vapour trails, and not a cloud to be seen. Its been the best day we’ve had for the last two months by far, and while this winter seems to have been a struggle to get the miles down, today I felt like I could ride all day.

For the first time this training season, I completed a 5 hour road ride. With over 2000m of climbing, and 80 miles, I found form today that had previously evaded me this winter. The sun on my back gave me the strength to stay out for that extra hour, just so I could enjoy it a bit longer.

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