Olympic Rings

I picked up my new race wheels yesterday. I say “new” but I’ve had the hubs for a good few years now. Following their recent service my Chris Kings hubs sound like new again, and the love-it-or-hate-it high freewheel sounds beautiful. The new bit is, well, the rest of the wheel – rims, spokes and nipples. Having agonised for ages over which rims to go for I opted for Stan’s NoTubes ZTR Olympics. I got them from Jon at Just Riding Along, and was particularly impressed when they both arrived with their weight of 345 grams inscribed on each rim 🙂


All laced up with Sapim Race spokes and brass nipples for durability and with the yellow spoke tape fitted, they tipped the scales at 1496g for the pair. Nice and lightweight, tubeless compatible and hopefully very fast 8)

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