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The sun was shining beautifully yesterday – it felt like Spring was finally here, despite last weeks attempt by Winter to hold on for a few more days. Beth and I went walking down at the Waterfalls near Ystradfellte, as we’d both decided to have a few days off work. You may well ask why weren’t we out on the bikes on such a nice day?

Well, last Saturday I went riding at Afan. I parked down at the lower carpark and got in a quick lap of Pen Hydd. The Wall was closed, so I rode up to do the Skyline trail. The return down the valley was to be via White’s Level. Everything was going nicely, and I was on my second ascent of the White’s/ Skyline climb when it all went wrong. I was riding at a brisk pace when my front wheel glanced off an inocuous looking rock on a short steep section and slammed into the bank at the edge of the trail. All 130mm of fork travel was taken up instantly as I came to a very abrupt halt. The forks rebounded, I overbalanced backwards and sideways, departed from my bike, bounced off a tree then fell onto some sharp pointy rocks and rolled some distance down the bank below. A general body check revealed a grazed arm, bashed knee and a broken rib.

Walking is a nice safe activity, and one that is generally suitable for people with broken ribs. To dispell that concept I slipped on some wet rocks and bashed my left knee quite badly.

The third thing hasn’t happened yet…

Not Bikes

Small is beautiful


After looking at them in shops for (seemingly) years thinking they look cool but I don’t really need one, I’ve finally got an MP3 player 🙂

The choice was huge, but when I actually thought about it I wanted as few features as possible. Conveniently, Apple have shoe-horned 1Gb of memory into a nicely finished aluminium case that will play up to 12 hours of music while I ride my bike. Brilliant.


So while I sat on the turbo trainer tonight I had a mix of Radiohead, R.E.M, Sheryl Crow and Underworld to help me pass the time as I turned the cranks and watched the rain come down in sheets in front of the garage door.