A special post for a special little lady.

Sophie was born at the end of March weighing 7lbs 13 ounces, in good health and with a full head of hair. She’s now up to 12 and half pounds, still with lots of hair and big beaming smiles. It’s a real treat to watch tiny babies grow up, and the biggest changes seem to come in the first few months. It’s also good to look back to the day (night) she was born. So tiny.

Sophie - 12 hours old

Three months on and she’s a very content and happy little character. Its amazing that their little facial expressions can convey so much without words. She’s also really active. At birth she could properly hold her head up, and at just over two months she could roll over. Now she’s discovering the joys of standing up with us holding her hands. A real joy to watch.

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Bye Bye 2008


Wow, another year passes by for Beth and I. A year full of memories for us, since the arrival of Henry in May. Despite devoting nearly all of our time to getting the hang of parenthood, we’ve managed a family holiday in Scotland, toured a few places in Wales, and Ian even managed to fit in some races in his “year off”. But for now, 2008 will be dominated by one very special little man.



We’ve also updated the other blog with some photos from the latter part of year.

So that wraps up 2008 – here’s to an eventful, exciting and rewarding 2009!



Water defines Scotland. The clouds are enriched with it as they shroud the mountain tops, or linger majestically in the valleys. Water fills the bogs and charges the burns. It descends down the mountain with gathering pace, cutting through rock and carving the character of the landscape as it goes. With great force it plunges over rocks and falls before reaching the broader rivers. Here, it slows to a meander through alder and birch woodland with an impossible stillness. The rivers flow seemlessly into the vast expanses of the lochs: great valleys cut by huge glaciers of a previous era, are now filled with an eerie tranquillity.

The burn racing down from Ben A'an

Our first family holiday was to the Trossachs. As you can probably guess, we had a bit of rain, but overall it was a good break. Henry saw lots of new things, places and sights and we tried to relax in these peaceful surroundings to unburden ourselves from the cummulative effects of our busy lives at home. The passing moods of the clouds, the rush of the mountain burn, the stillness of the river, the raw power of the waterfalls and the morning mists rising from the loch are a reminder of how water defines our environment and enriches our lives. 

The water brings with it the character of the country. The mountain waters, tinted brown from the peat, flavours the beer and the whisky. The whisky especially. We toured the Glengoyne whisky distillery, sampling many of the excellent single malts with the unique taste of their unpeated malted barley. A bottle of Glengoyne 21 year old single malt rests in the cupboard, a nice compliment to the peaty tones of the bottle of Ardbeg next to it.

Who’s the Daddy?


Well, me actually. And Beth’s a Mummy too.

The miraculous birth of Henry in May marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter for us. For once (maybe twice, if you count our wedding) bikes haven’t taken preference in this household for a good few weeks. It’s difficult to sum up in words the joy, elation, excitement, happiness, tiredness and even worry, to name only a few of the emotional feelings we’ve experienced over the last few weeks. When we’ve had spare moments we’ve taken quite a few photos. In fact, it’s easier for us to portray our lives, moods and experiences through pictures rather than words.

To infinity and beyond!

To infinity and beyond!

We’ve started a photo blog, called Un Mil Geiriau (a thousand words, in Welsh), which hopefully is nice and easy to update. We seem to have accumulated a huge collection of photos over the years, some of which wouldn’t see the light of day if I didn’t make the effort to share them with others. The theme that surrounds the blog also changes to reflect the tone of the picture to give each page a totally unique feel.