About Me

This blog started in 2007. It charts – somewhat sporadically – my cycling life and the influences and changes that have occurred since then. The common theme, however, is mountain biking. Rather than describe myself as a cyclist, I prefer to call myself a mountain biker.

Mountain Biking is the pursuit I signed up for and it is exactly that which inspires me today. The term “exactly” implies that mountain biking can be nailed down to a specific thing. Maybe in 1991 – when I got my first mountain bike – it could have been, bit since then it has evolved and continues to evolve into numerous categories and sub categories of bikes for riding off road. I’ve owned many bikes, each of which I believe took me a small step towards delivering a particular gain in performance or moved closer to a specific type of riding that interested me.


Right now, as this blog turns nearly 8 years old, I ride one of three bikes for three distinctly different purposes; a hardtail 29er usually kitted out for bikepacking, a fat bike for taking me to places where the 29er won’t go (and there are many of these in Wales, believe me), and – soon – a drop-bar gravel muncher to bang out those less technical long distance miles in the wilds of Mid Wales.

I’m not quite 40. I live in Wales with my wife, Beth and our two children Henry & Sophie.

I like big open spaces, dark forest with tight twisting singletrack, feeling the history of the landscapes I ride through, old trees, stars, things that just work, jelly babies, cider, limestone, hot curries, precision, maps, getting to the top, new places, the sea, little details, 32:19, steel, the colours blue and green, numbers and the feeling after I’ve done something really hard.


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