About Me


When I started this blog, bikes were pretty much the main focus for both of us. A lot of time was spent planning rides, training, riding, visiting new places, making new friends and doing a few races. Since the original conception of Middle Ring All the Way, different aspects of life are juggled, new interests discovered and new responsibilities gained.

Racing mountain bikes isn’t something I’ve given up on – quite the opposite. I have plans. My 24hr solo days aren’t over just yet, and I hope to bag some other personal challenges along the way.


So, why is this blog here? Well, I was on a ride yesterday (in the rain) and I experienced one of those special moments that rarely comes along, and rather than forget it in a few weeks time, this blog is an opportunity to share those moments with others (assuming they find it), and if I do forget, I can look back and remember them again.

I live in Wales with my wife, Beth, who also rides and between us, we’ve got baby Henry to keep us busy. In a few of years, he’ll be big enough to join us on a few rides, and maybe even ride a bike on his own. Watch this space.

Some of my racing and endurance achievements are listed here.

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